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Jul 12, 2012 2:00am PDT
she's being treated for minor injuries. >>> e-news reports that katie holmes has registered at a catholic church in new york. in my neighborhood. >>> tom cruise's attorney is threatening the "national enquirer's" parent company with a lawsuit. he blasted recent headlines such as tom's house of horrors. the real tom is a monster and denied reporting that holmes was monitored and reported on to scientolo scientology's leader. >>> reports say channing tatum may star in a film about evil knievel. >>> finally "us weekly" reports that miley cyrus has gotten her 15th tattoo, a quote from a 1910 speech by theodore roosevelt. you see it's all the way down her arm. >> she's got one of those? >> but it looks like the possibility it could be marker. because it's kind of huge. >> a random quote by theodore roosevelt? >> good time we don't have enough time for it. "way too early" with willie geist starts right now. >>> mitt romney says he expected to get booed during his speech at the naacp, promising to repeal obama care and telling the audience that as president, he would make life bett
Jul 12, 2012 7:00am EDT
holmes. a man who says he was cruise's counselor in the divorce from nicole kidman speaks out. >> and kristen chenoweth was rushed to a hospital after suffering an injury on the set of her tv show. >> reporter: kristin chenoweth was hit by a falling piece of lighting equipment and treated on set before being brought here to bellevue hospital. actress kristen chenoweth was injured on the brooklyn set of "the good wife." she's photos show her in a neck brace being loaded into the ambulance. according to reports she was struck by a falling piece of lighting equipment. a statement said she received treatment on the scene until a ambulance arrived and transported her to the hospital. >> she's energetic, very physical but she's also a very, very small woman. she's not even 5 feet tall. the idea of her being struck by equipment and falling, you have to be concerned for her safety now. >> reporter: chenoweth won a tony award for her role in "you're a good man charlie brown" and an emmy award for her work in tv show "pushing daisies." she also originated the popular role of gl linda in
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Jul 12, 2012 12:00am PDT
. coming up, should kids in 3k learn to shoot an ak? and first, how is katie holmes like the drug dealers on the wire? do you have an hour? >>> there was a good joke about the previous story now on the break. if it brings back hip -- hippies, it is not a joke. should a movie be rated r if deniro's lungs are full of tar? any actor smoking should be restricted for youngens. those ages 10-14, must be nice, and found pg-13 accounted for most of the smoking on the scenes. those with cigs are linked to real world experimentation. they estimate that an r rating would lower the pipsqueeks. the head of this dumb idea said the movie industry that treat them like sex and violence. something as important as smoking should get you an r rating. that would mean robin williams' new film should get a new rating which we have a clip of. >> anthony, -- >> i'm with you. >> there are a lot of things that happen in movies that are not pleasant. gambling. is gambling worse than smoke ?g ?g -- smoking? >> if a character is written into a movie that smokes, why should the writer and people that made the movie be
Jul 12, 2012 4:30am EDT
to be "knocked out cold." >>> katie holmes has registered at a carolina coastline church in new york, around the corner from my place actually. meanwhile tom cruise is threatening with a multi-million-dollar lawsuit. he blasted recent headlines like "tom's house of hers," "the real tom the monster." >>> reports say channing tatum may star in and produce a film about legendary evil ka kneel. >>> feeble miley cyrus has gotten her 15th quote. it's a quote from theodore roosevelt. >>> and this comes to us from pasadena, california, where after showing you the trending bears raiding neighborhoods, for once we get to show you the end of the story. they are taking this little guy back into the wilderness. you're looking at a cub waking up after being tranquilized and being returned to the for evident after his stroll through a nearby town. the poor guy was a little bit woozy from his big adventure and needed a huj from the health and wide life officials. trying to take them to new areas so they won't head right back into the city. poor little guy. i'm lynn berry, and this is "early today," just you
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Jul 12, 2012 2:00pm PDT
and katie holmes. this cover of "national enquirer." inside tom's house of horrors. >> bob: house of horrors! >> kimberly: thank you. tom cruise's attorney fired off a letter threatening a lawsuit about the "enquirer" posting falsehood about marriage and what has gone on in their house and saying it's a house hof horrors is not accurate. what do you make of the lawsuits? some of these have succeeded in the past. >> kimberly: if your lawyer fires off a letter do you pay more if they post it in the mail? >> kimberly: yes. a rocket is attached to it. >> dana: everybody blows off the "enquirer" but often likes to look at them. >> greg: they're often right. >> dana: john edwards later on they were accurate. i imagine this is hurtful. i would bet katie homes doesn't like this out there either. trying to protect her daughter. >> eric: where else do you see the katie holmes secret breakdown and angelina jolie ready call it off over brad pitt and then demi and ashton secret reunion. >> greg: don't tell me that. what is she thinking? >> bob: she must have the best plastic surgeon in america. if they w
Jul 11, 2012 5:00pm PDT
>>> could katie's divorce from tom now help her career? >> how cruise and holmes are now moving on after one of the fastest settlements in history. i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. >>> "the insider" is on. >>> their speedy divorce settlement with katie holmes. >> she had hired three law firms in three states. >> suri, katie and her mom face headlines that blare "how katie beat tom." >> she had her own secret disposal cell phone that she used to plan this. >> will the divorce now help katie's career? >> nicole kidman had a big career surge shortly after her divorce. >> the consensus in hollywood is that katie will see the career bump more so than tom. why? >>> and why his chemistry on
Jul 12, 2012 2:35am EDT
holmes' secret conversations? it is all next in "the skinny." ♪ skinny ♪ so skinny ♪ so skinny >> scary news for kristin chenoweth, everyone loves her she's adorable, talented. emmy winner, tony winner. apparently though she was involved in an accident on the set of "the good wife." she will have a recurring role this season. a gust of wind came through and apparently knocked some lighting equipment and knocked her out cold right in the head. pretty scary moment for her. she is 43 years owed. she is about 43 years old right now. right now her condition is not known just yet. not life threatening. she is going to be okay. according to early reports. struck in the head by a piece of lighting equipment came down because of a pretty big gust of wind. apparently, you saw the photo a second ago. you saw her getting fitted with a neck brace, took her out on a stretcher, paramedics came. a serious moment. she has a long history of kind of getting banged up at work. injured her neck during prebroadway engagement of "wicked" in '03. in '06, fell off elevated stage, during "the apple tree" in 2011
Jul 12, 2012 7:00am PDT
holmes, her daughter, suri. the 6-year-old out with her mom at the central park zoo on wednesday. we've seen a lot of the two of them, as katie starts her life as a single mom. lara's back with more on this. >> yes. and the question is, robin, is katie just trying to have a normal life for her daughter? she's certainly been under a microscope since she filed for divorce. but it does appear she's trying to keep things normal for suri, even with so many people tracking every move. it seems everywhere katie and suri go -- the paparazzi follow. on wednesday, making their way to new york city's central park zoo, katie's mother, kathleen, in tow, a smiling suri, watching penguins splash in the water. and tuesday, it was on the way to 6-year-old suri's gymnastics lesson. and the day before that, touring a local children's museum. it seems since holmes made the bombshell announcement that she was ending her marriage to tom cruise, she's been out with suri more. from play dates to grocery store runs, katie's not in hiding. many wondering why the former mrs. cruise is choosing to make such a p
Jul 11, 2012 11:30pm PDT
degrees. heather holmes is in livermore tonight. >> reporter: it could have been disasterrous when people living here at the briarwood apartment complex saw smoke coming from the back of this building. it was another summer scorcher, and burning up literally. >> the wires were smoking. >> reporter: at 1:00 this afternoon, it was a blistering 103 degrees. and everyone had their air conditioner cranked full blast. >> the heat played a roll. the wires were in the sunlight. they were held together with some tape. some insulation, and plus with the use of all the air conditioning units most likely being turned on, it overheated the wiring. >> reporter: today's temperatures led customers to take advantage of cooling centers. david just moved, and doesn't have air conditioning yet. we caught up with him at the main library near fremont. >> definitely a cooling factor. >> reporter: washington hospital is embracing for an increase. >> the public has to understand they have to hydrate themselves, both young people and old people are very vulnerable to heat stroke. >> reporter: we found some people
Jul 12, 2012 5:00pm EDT
the church and why they believe that katy holmes may have been wary of the church of scientology. they talked about what happens if you try to leave. they describe a scenario where you're chased, they send people after you, they might go after your credit card records to try to figure out where you are, send your family to intervene if you have family on the inside to bring you back into the fold. dramatic stories. >> they can really go after -- how did they legally do that? >> well, this is what's described by one former member in particular, a gay named marty rathbun, in a high-level position. he says he reported right to the leader of scientology, and he describes a scenario where just that, they harass people. what's interesting, wendy, once he left the church, he has now says that he has now been har s harassed by the church. the church says basically he's a excommunicated self-promoter and liar. >> and has tom cruise or his lawyer said anything about these rumors that scientology may have played a role in their breakup? >> they have said that everything that these former members are sa
Jul 12, 2012 6:00pm EDT
she like others wants answers. eleanor holmes norton became the latest eselected officials to weigh in on the worse innocence scandal. as quickly as possible. >>> and -- to resign, mayor agree insisted he would not. >> gray especially was critical of mary cheh, until she called wednesday for him to quit. >> have you tone to him today? >> i have a message that she continues to talk about great respect and great affects to me. >> my question would be why dug do that? >> people are proving that they are innocent, so i really don't understand it. >> more serious for the mayor, "the washington post" front page story, that in january in the midst of this probe, the mayor held a secret meeting with jeanne harris, the public relations executive who pleaded guilty on wednesday to a felony for orchestrating the $650,000 shadow --. it's the first indication grey knew about the unreported money, and that january 10th secret meeting harris came after harris huddled in december with businessman jeffrey thompson. >> mayor gray thursday could find comment. >> what was the meeting? what can you tell
Jul 12, 2012 5:00pm EDT
claiming the actor subjected katie holmes to abuse and humiliation. look at this. the headline reads inside tom's house of horrors and the real thompson a monster. cruise's lawyer said the false and vicious lies and the story will cause cruise hundreds of millions of professional and personal damages, and he plans to hold the tabloid accountable. >>> let's go to brian bolter for the latest. >>> we're monitoring metro. the transit agency is taking heat after a heat-related incident. how metro's changing protocol. >>> and cashing in on a casino. and a new survey finds people are supporting the slots and how a training system is making sure that officers are better prepared for what they will face in the streets. [ obama ] i'm barack obamama, and i approve this message. [ female announcer ] every woman who believes decisions about our bodies and our health care should be our own is troubled mitt romney supports overturning roe versus wade. romney backed a law that outlaws all abortion -- even in cases of rape and incest. and that's not all. i'll cut off funding to planned parenthood. [ female
Jul 12, 2012 12:35am EDT
katie holmes. [ laughter ] hey guys, this is cool. a hotel in england is bringing in kindles to replace bibles in their nightstands. [ laughter ] yeah, and then they'll be bringing in more bibles to replace those stolen kindles. if i steal a bible, might as well take a kindle. >> steve: hey, free kindle! >> jimmy: speaking of england, officials with the london olympics say that facebook will play a major role in this year's games. though it'll be weird when during gymnastics, the scorers are like, "6.5, 6.8 -- it's complicated, like." i just saw this. after seven years of planning and construction, this week, donald trump opened his golf course in scotland. that's right, seven years of raking, plowing, and fertilizing or as trump calls that, "a haircut." [ cheers and applause ] [ as trump ] beautiful, 24-karat gold marble inlay. it's a beautiful, beautiful, thing. marble side burns. gold flakes. today it was free slurpee day at 7-11, you guys. [ cheers and applause ] because of the date, july 11th. not to be confused with that other date people wind up at 7-11 -- 4/20. [ laughter ] chec
Jul 12, 2012 3:00am PDT
holmes and tom cruise's divorce may have been settled so quickly because katie planned well ahead to avoid a messy separation. "l.a. times" reports that katie got the wheels turning early using disposable cell phones she got from a friend to contact attorneys so tom wouldn't know about any of her conversations. >> what? >> yep. by the time the divorce settlement was reached katie had three firms in three separate states already representing her so he was completely blind-sided. she informed tom she wanted the divorce in a phone call and a week later, it was a done deal. >> bill: whoa. did they have a prenup or not? >> they did. >> this is creepy. this is kind of like -- if she had to put this much thought into a divorce -- >> bill: if you're up against scientology, baby, i hope she's got bodyguards, too. >> drink up, ladies, good for the bones. two new studies from drexel university and oklahoma state university find women drinking more than three glasses of alcohol a week were over 50% less likely to develop ar
Jul 12, 2012 1:00am EDT
out the door. the case dominated the news for one new cycle until tom cruise and katey holmes announced that they were getting a divorce and then it was removed from the main intention. people will be mulling it over for years and years. i would like to focus on three important but somewhat lower profile cases. two of which arise from the criminal law category. and one that involves taxes, but not the health care case. in the case that is called williams against illinois, the court confronted a criminal defendant the was found guilty based on a dna match. evidence left at the scene included samples of bodily fluids and from a dna lab. later, a second technician ran that dna profile against the entire database of other dna profiles and found that that dna profile was the dna profile of the defendant charged with the crime. the question was whether the criminal defendant had a confrontation clause to cross- examine the person that tested the original sample. the only person that testified was the technician that ran the test. they said the one produced was the one in the system.
Jul 12, 2012 6:00am PDT
is katie holmes. >> yes, the more i read about her, the more i love her. >> i think she dropped down on the compound on one of those invisible strings like this, and then used a disposable cell phone. >> and she had the help of her high-powered lawyer father. >> and you know who her confidante is right now? >> who? >> nicole kidman. >> no, way! oh, i would love to be a fly on the wall. what about mimi rogers? >> i believe she left. >> they have to do like tom cruise first wive's club or something -- >> no! no! no! no! hah, hah, hah. >> i bet she is thrilled with the news she is in contact with nicole kidman. she used a disposable cell phone, and hired three law firms in three different states. >> that's amazing. >> i'm guessing he was jumping on the couch yelling -- >> no! no! no! no! >> ow! >> he hit the ceiling. >> charlie sheen claims he can see dead people. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> he probably sees a lot of things. >> he said when my friend died i went to comfort his widow, we made toast and i saw him dance through the background. he said oh i was
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)